Information on the Supply Data Centre

This Supply Data collection project is a continuation of the point in time data supply survey Community Housing Aotearoa and the Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment (CRESA) based the ‘Details Matter’ report on. An important difference is that this project will be an on-going quarterly with data updated quarterly. It will become the definitive repository of non-governmental social and affordable housing information. As such, it relies upon providers to make an upfront commitment of time to enter their information, then a much smaller commitment to update and maintain the records on their portfolio.

CHA believes that the following benefits can be realised through your involvement:

Privacy Policy and Use of Data

Use of data anonymised and reported at the Census Mesh Block level will be generally allowed at CHA’s discretion.

Data Security

We know that some of the information we are requesting you to provide may be viewed as commercially sensitive. To address this, CHA has developed the data security protocol below which will maintain confidentiality of address information. We believe that a high level of transparency regarding your activities is one of the strengths of community housing organisations compared with private and public entities and hope that you will provide information on all the requested fields to the extent the data is available.

We will supply quarterly reports for use by MSD for their Purchasing Intentions documents. Supply location data will be converted to Census Mesh Blocks and no information that identifies the respondent will be provided.

Principles:To provide clarity to all parties on the use of the data that is gathered, and to encourage maximum participation and disclosure, CHA will:

Approach:The raw data collected by the survey will be held in separate documents for each organisation. Each organisation will be provided with an individual log-in username and password to upload their quarterly supply worksheets and run reports on their own portfolio. All reports will be made by extracting raw data from the source documents and putting the information into new files not linked to the original source. Neither Government nor the CHA Council will be privy to any data that is collected that would identify the exact location of a home.